Models 524 & 525
Peripheral Vascular Doppler Flow Phantom

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The Models 524 and 525 tissue mimicking Doppler flow phantoms contain four flow channels simulating superficial vasculature. The simulated vessels are located 15.0 mm below the scan surface. Built-in scanning wells are provided to permit the use of water or a low viscosity gel as acoustic coupling agents.

The differences between the Models is the type of flow channels. The Model 525 contains four 8.0 mm diameter flow channels, with built in stenosis at 0, 50, 75 and 90% areas of occlusion. Whereas, the Model 524 contains four flow channels with diameters 2, 4, 6, & 8 mm, without stenosis.

If the user requires depths greater than 15 mm, we recommend the use of our Model 528 scanning wedge. The wedge is constructed of the same tissue mimicking material as the Doppler flow phantoms and provides an additional 50 mm of scanning depth.

Tests Performed

Flow Velocity
· Sensitivity
· Maximum Penetration
· Location of Flow
· Demonstration of the effects of stenosis (Model 525)

Model 524 & 525 Specification pdf