Model 535H
Basic QA Phantom
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The Model 535 rubber-based, tissue-mimicking (TM) phantom is designed to fulfill the basic testing requirements of a Quality Assurance Program. The phantom is designed with a combination of monofilament line targets and six tissue mimicking cylindrical targets of varying sizes. The monofilament line targets have a diameter of 0.12 mm, to optimize the displayed image at frequencies ranging from 2.25 to 7.5 MHz. Four groups of line targets are provided to evaluate the vertical and horizontal calibration measurements, axial-lateral resolution and the dead zone. Lifetime warranty.

Tests Performed

  • Dead Zone or Ring-Down
  • Vertical Measurement Calibration
  • Horizontal Measurement Calibration
  • Sensitivity/Penetration
  • Functional Resolution
  • Axial & Lateral Resolution
  • Image Uniformity

Model 535H Specifications pdf